Saturday, January 31, 2009

Election is coming, anyone cares?

Election is near, actually coming in ten days, but it seems like no one really cares much.

Every single election - which are coming in Israel almost every other year, I have changed my vote, mainly because I was disappointed from the results achieved by the party I voted for. And now the time to vote is coming and I am almost out of options.

I thought about giving my vote to the green party, because I believe that environmentalism is something we should all try to push forward and can use some representation in our rule making systems. However - in a typical Israeli move, instead of one green giant - we have two small parties which will probably not make it, so why waste my vote there?

In order to help me decide I watched an event where questions from "youtube" were coming to the three major party leaders. However - no much help there as they all seemed very prepared (I guess their advisors can see the questions on youtube before they were asked live) and questions like biggest mistake were answered in a similar manner to the one that you would answer the question about a drawback in a job interview (tacky answer).

There was a review in Ynet regarding where parties stand with regards to technology. Nothing is there actually. And I was wondering, in a sectorial democratic system such as ours, what would be the chances for a hi-tech party, aiming for goals such as technlogy for all and advancing the terms of virtual democracy.

Maybe it will happen, when the stars align. One can dream...