Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Disasters bring people closer

I have just finished releasing v0.4.2 for Transposh, aka the answer ;) This release brings in the support for Haitian language. Which was released by the Microsoft Translator Team two days ago. The reason they released it is probably the horrible earthquake which struck Haiti about two weeks ago. First, kudos to them on their efforts. This is the first time the MSN translator team has beaten Google translate to a language release that I know of, this has reminded me the not so recent release of Persian support by Google following the Iranian election scandal.
It seems like world events help bringing people closer together, and there's no better way than translation tools, as I guess that the mutual goal of everybody in this field is to achieve better understanding (and world peace, maybe).
I hope both teams will add support for more languages, without the need for bad stuff to happen.