Friday, October 30, 2009

End of dry season?

Yes, this blog have been quite dry for the last couple of month. Things are progressing but slower than I hoped for.
Some things have happened with Transposh which might keep the reader interested.
The first one is that Nokia used Transposh in its official ovi blog, and later seem to have stopped. Really wonder why, so if anyone have a clue you are invited.
The second was the announcement from a startup called mojofiti, the startup which claims to have ~10 people involved in it has taken transposh and used it on top of wordpress mu to provide multi-lingual blogging service. They say flattery is the best form of imitation (actually the other way around, but who cares) so its kind of imitating to see one using your slogan and software to break language barriers ;) I think it would have been wiser to cooperate here so both parties would achieve more but no expectations.

The skies have finally opened where I live, I hope this signifies that the dry season is coming to its end and I'll have more news to tell.