Saturday, July 27, 2013

Finally, proxy is ready for alpha testing

It has been two year since I last posted here. And the proxy was long overdue but now it is ready for general alpha level consumption.

How can I use it?

Try going to<lang>/yoursite url.

Alternatively, you may set <lang>.yourdomain to as a cname record in your dns file.

Here is a short FAQ:

Will it work?

How do I change the language?
Notice the widget in the bottom right corner of your page

I want the widget like in this page?
There are instructions for that (three lines, and I am too lazy to write them here now)

How do I edit?
Enter edit after the language in the URL

Will Google see my site?
No on, yes for the DNS method

Why did it take you so long to get this out?
Did I mention I was lazy?

How is Transposh for wordpress advancing?
Been recently focused on this, but code goes between the projects when deemed useful, I assume the k256 line was crossed, but because of the issues at wordpress, I'll have to double check.

The future?
Its coming up.