Thursday, July 17, 2008

Twitter is dead!

Well, I hope the title got your attention. :)

No, Twitter is not dead yet, but I think it is just over hyped. I personally don't see the point in telling the world + dog about what I had for dinner, who exactly I am meeting with and where am I going.

Further more, what's the point of reading that about others? Is this a new kind of reality shows? What is so interesting about looking at what others are doing exactly? You can see some insane twitting by people like Jeff Pulver, a highly regarded technology investor. What point is served by his exposure? the glorious 5 minutes of fame?

Maybe its me, maybe I don't get it and won't get it, but my personal belief is that twitting, friendfeeding and the likes are at a hype point and the famous chasm won't be crossed to the real world (I hope so ;) )

1 comment:

colnector said...

It's so much simpler: some people are bored and boring but interesting enough to others who are even more bored and boring.