Thursday, December 3, 2009


I promised, and I am here ;) The 8k mark was crossed on the 30th of November, about three months following the 4k mark so the rate is improving. Taking into account the long dry period I had this is not half bad.
The latest version added a feature which I am really proud of which is support for search in the translated version. This feature took a relatively short time to come to life. A day of thinking about it, two days of coding and a day of testing ;) I have had the chance to implement there a nice algorithm which I can describe here.
For each search term, find original strings that are translated into something that includes such term, than search for those strings in the original content.
A nice optimization here is that you don't actually need all the strings, but only the ones that are contained within others, for example if you searched for the word "cat" and got the two originals "cat walk" and "the cat walked" the search for the first one would suffice in finding the relevant content.
I hope I'll be able to come up with some more nice stuff, and in the meanwhile, some nasty bugs need my attention, mainly with the feed generation which works "sometimes".
See you again at the 16k mark :)

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