Thursday, April 22, 2010

16,000 downloads post

Yes, promised a post at 16k, and here it comes. This time it took 4 and a half months to get to this milestone. With the current rate of growth, it will take 6 months more to get to the 32k milestone.
The product is beginning to shape up nicely, becoming better and better, and I am starting to think about if this will ever be able to grow into a service that is monetized. I have received many offers for donation in exchange to the backlink removal. I am not going in that direction, as this will not be substantial and will not make a living of this. The idea is to provide a real value added to bloggers (and/or readers) so that they will be happy to purchase this service. A few ideas exist, but nothing has not hit me as the holy grail yet, if any reader have his own set of ideas, this would be something I would love to hear.
Next up is more, yes, more of everything. Better integration with wordpress will be coming soon, including themes and comment integrations. I also hope that we'll be able to provide support for third party widgets and support another CMS besides wordpress in the coming future. The features continue to creep in as well, and the improved interface for translators will be the main goal there.
We are more "social" than before, you can follow us on twitter, facebook and here too. Show your support, it helps.

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