Monday, November 8, 2010

32,000 downloads, and another post

Hello there,

Yes, about 6 months later, the milestone has been reached, and now it seems like there's a healthy community of transposh users. Lots have changed in the plugin and the code is constantly improving (although not as fast as I hoped, maybe I should hope for no progress and be positivly surprised at the 64k post).

So far the revenue model has proved useless, and the total income is below $10. Many users decide to either keep the links (thanks guys). Write their own widget, or simply have no ads. All of which I am happy with. The downside of this is that no money makes progress slower, and I hope that it will change in the coming months.

On other fronts, a personal issue I had has slowed development considerably for the last few months, this has now passed ( ;( ) so now I have more time for the project, and I am using it to think of the coming directions. One of the decisions was to do a full trac scan and create meaningful milestones. This is work in progress, but I really enjoy it as there's so much information and directions in there that are so exciting, I wish I could implement each and every request but I am trying to keep things in focus.

What will the next version bring? The next major will hopefully be a UI redesign, with many of the tickets on the trac closing there, this milestone is marked as 0.7 and will be the best milestone to date. Any ideas, bugs, money will be happily accepted.

Don't worry, be happy now.

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